Episode 3.40

Featuring Matt Stajan

Episode 3.40 of the program brings you all the news from the final week of action in the NHL. We wrap up games five and six of the Stanley Cup Final, tell you how Detroit won and what Pittsburgh needed to do differently. Beginning the Redline Report though, we start with news of who the next Maple Leaf Head Coach is likely to be as well as touching on a depth signing from the Finnish Elite League.

Quick Hits wraps the Redline Report with news on a couple of retirements, a signing in Carolina, a coach getting the axe, and a minor trade. Also during this segment, all those rumors about Brian Burke becoming the GM of a new team were true. We’ll tell you which team it is and also touch on the fate of Canada’s second national anthem: the Hockey Night In Canada theme song. On the Bubble features more listener email, a Troubling Fact of the Week and this week’s guest.

We are pleased to welcome #14 Matt Stajan of the Toronto Maple Leafs back to the program as he makes his return to AFITC during On The Bubble.

Rigamarole, as always, will wrap up this week’s proceedings with a look at how a team, but perhaps not the one you may think of, from this year’s Stanley Cup Finals could be champions for years to come.

Big thanks to Matt Stajan for taking time for us this past week to make his second appearance on AFITC. What a treat to get him on the program!

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