Episode 4.36

Featuring Reilly Smith

Ahead this week on AFITC, the Conference Finals are underway and our predictions from last week are holding true. The Cup Finalists from 2008 have jumped out and have taken control of their series; we’ll break it all down in the Playoff Report to kick start the Redline Report.

We’re not usually ones to monger rumors but there have been some absolute beauties out there this past week, so on a slow news week we thought, why not? Rumors regarding the brothers Niedermayer, Patrick Roy and Vincent Lecavalier are up for discussion at the end of the Redline Report along with news on the new General Manager of the Minnesota Wild.

In On The Bubble, we’ll provide a brief update on the march of the Coyotes situation, or at least as best an update that two people without law degrees or finance degrees can provide. Of course, we’ll fit in a Listener Email or two and then welcome former St. Michael’s Buzzers forward Reilly Smith to the program to wrap the segment.

Rigamarole takes a look this week at why it is likely to be awfully stressful being Steve Yzerman these days. If you were angry with the amount of days off in between games one and two of the Penguins Hurricanes series, well that’s just tough for you. We loved it! It meant less work for us.

Big thanks go to Reilly Smith for taking some time to join us in the studio on this week’s program. All the best to him as he heads toward the NHL Entry Draft in June.

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