Episode 5.41

Season 5's Penultimate Edition

Taylor, Tyler, Taylor, Tyler…Taylor. At long last, finally we have a decision from the Edmonton Oilers as to who would become the first overall selection in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft and it was Taylor Hall. We’re all over the draft this week in the Redline Report including what the Leafs did on the draft floor in Los Angeles. As well, we cover a variety of coaching appointments, key signings and trades from around the league and the Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2010 later in Quick Hits.

On The Bubble features an array of Listener Contributions from Twitter, the Insiders Group and Emails from Steve and Aaron. Alex Guptill, who appeared on Episode 5.38 of the program, was drafted 77th overall by the Dallas Stars. We’ll hear a conversation he had with Dave moments after getting the news to kick start the segment. To wrap On The Bubble, the Gong Banger returns after a five week vacation with the Troubling Fact of the Week.

Rigamarole concludes the show with a look at why it might be a good thing that Tomas Kaberle remains a Toronto Maple Leaf, at least for the time being. What a week it was here in Toronto and no, for once, it had nothing to do with hockey. This is Episode 5.41 of AFITC.

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