Episode 5.42

Season 5 Finale Featuring Michael Landsberg and Nick D'Agostino

Well here it is, we’ve reached the end of Season Five but don’t expect us to go out without a bang. Coming up on the show, the Maple Leafs continued to augment their roster through trades and free agency over the past week. We’ll tell you who’s out, who’s in and what you can expect from the newcomers. Later in the Redline Report, we take a spin through the Revolving Door and finish the segment with Quick Hits featuring a prominent retirement, news on notable signings from around the league and a head scratching case from the world of minor hockey.

On The Bubble is dripping with quality on this episode. Firstly, we welcome back Pittsburgh Penguins prospect and current Cornell University Big Red defenseman Nick D’Agostino to the program. Listener Contributions follow with a great group of Tweets and Emails received in the last week. To wrap the segment, we turn to our closer for the third year in a row, the host of “Off The Record” on TSN, Michael Landsberg who gives his thoughts on free agency, Darryl Sutter, the Toronto Maple Leafs and much more.

To wind down the final episode of Season Five, rigamarole takes a further look at how two of the Maple Leafs new additions will fit into their line up next season. If there was ever a sign that enough was enough with the hockey talk for the summer, the five straight days over 38 degree Celsius weather in Toronto might just have been it. This is the Season Finale of AFITC!
Having reached the conclusion of Season Five, we must thank the many people who have helped us out this season and been so generous with their time in helping to make our show better. To Fred Cassiani, Jeff Brown, Bob McKenzie, Paul Hendrick, Jesse Beamish, Dan Ciampini, Alex Guptill, Julian Melchiori, Steve Beyers, Andy Frost, Nick D’Agostino and Michael Landsberg, thank you all so much!

Thanks to everyone who took time to send us an email, post in the AFITC Insiders Group or tweet with us on Twitter throughout the season. Hearing perspectives on stories from a variety of listeners every week gives our show so many more interesting dynamics that simply hearing Dave and Jeff. Your contributions add interest to the show and inspire further discussion on topics we have covered which certainly improves the program. Thank you all so much.

To all those who were content to just download the show each week and listen; thank you to all of you. Knowing so many people rely on, expect and look forward to each week’s episode makes it very easy to put in the work to make it happen. Thanks to all of you for the incredible support you give to our program!

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