Episode 6.4

Featuring Brendan Smith

Four games into the season and so far the Toronto Maple Leafs remain unbeaten. Who would have thought that? Honestly not us. So how’ve they done it? We’ll give you our thoughts when we recap the two games this week against the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers to begin the Redline Report.

Later in Quick Hits, inappropriate gestures equal hits from behind, at least in the amount of games the two crimes earn for punishment. Is that right? We opine on that before getting to news on Kirk Maltby and Joe Thornton.

In Back Checking, we bring your voice onto the program by sharing some contributions from the Twitter account and email. The Junior Hockey Report follows with news on the one St. Michael’s Buzzers game from the past week. To wrap the segment, we welcome back to the program Detroit Red Wings prospect Brendan Smith.

Rigamarole wraps the proceedings with a look at some of the key reasons for the success of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the early going this regular season. For context on how long it’s been since the Maple Leafs started a season 4-0, the last time it happened, Jeff and I were seven years old. This is Episode 6.4 of AFITC.

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