Episode 6.6

Ahead this week on AFITC, where have all the goals gone? After scoring sixteen goals through their first four games, the Toronto Maple Leafs offense has dried up producing only seven goals in the last six games. Not surprising, their early season success has dried up too. We’ll take you through three games this past week against the Panthers, Bruins and Rangers to kick start the Redline Report. Later, the Revolving Door follows with an update on the first injured Leaf of the season and how it will impact the team.

Quick Hits wraps the Redline Report with a discussion on cheerleaders. Should Canadian NHL teams have them and would their presence be enough to get you out to a game if you otherwise wouldn’t be going. Back Checking gets the voice of the listeners onto the program with some good contributions via twitter and two solid emails from Nathan and Alan. The Junior Hockey Report follows with news on two St. Michael’s Buzzers games and tells you who from the Buzzers will represent Team Canada East at the World Junior A Challenge.

The Gong Banger is along to ring in another Troubling Fact of the Week at the end of Back Checking. Rigamarole wraps the show as always and takes a shot at boring hockey, something I think we’ve been seeing way too much of lately. Where have all the personalities and characters gone? By the way for those scoring at home, if the playoffs started today, the Leafs would be golfing. Episode 6.6 of AFITC starts now.

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