Episode 6.37

Ahead this week on AFITC, the Vancouver Canucks are two wins away from returning the Stanley Cup north of the border for the first time in eighteen years. Goaltending duels, Alex Burrows making an impression on the score sheet and Patrice Beregeron’s finger, sky high TV numbers, a struggling Zdeno Chara, we’re all over the first two games of the Finals in the Redline Report.

Checking in as well is our West Coast Correspondent Will Gunton to update us further on the scene from Vancouver.

Defining Moments in Leafs History kick starts the Redline Report again this week before we look at the possibility of Brad Richards signing with the Leafs.

Wrapping the segment, we shift east to Manitoba and look at the return of the NHL to Winnipeg. In Back Checking, we tell you why regularly picking up hitch hikers might be a good habit to get into; who the new sheriff in town is; get to some Listener Contributions and welcome the Gong Banger back for another Troubling Fact of the Week.

Rigamarole wraps the program with a look at why Bruins’ Head Coach Claude Julien might not be feeling to confident in his defensemen heading into game three. All that and more coming up on Episode 6.37 of AFITC.

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