Episode 7.24

Ladies and gentlemen, start your excuses

Ahead this week on the program, the Toronto Maple Leafs season went from worse to horrid to…what’s after horrid. Three more games, three more loss and the Leafs are now well within range of the draft lottery. We’ll take you through those games in the Redline Report. Later, was this year a step on the road to further development or just a complete write off with no progress whatsoever? We’ll answer that as well as introduce you to Muskoka Five, Version II.

In Back Checking, we get to your Listener Contributions via Twitter and Emails from Trevor and Matt. The Nashville Predators are poised to add a top calibre player to the roster after the trade deadline. We’ll tell you about that before welcoming the Gong Banger back for another Troubling Fact of the Week.

Rigamarole wraps the program with a look at which team is emerging as the leading contender for the Stanley Cup.

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