Episode 7.28

I Guess I Am Afraid Of Bear

Ahead this week on the program, the Toronto Maple Leafs finally brought an end to another disappointing playoff-less season. We’ll look back on the last couple games against Tampa Bay and Montreal, look back on the season as a whole and tell you where the Leafs will draft in June.

Larry Tanenbaum wrote an open letter to Leaf fans apologizing for the season. Did his letter soften your anger toward the disappointing season? We’ll touch on that as well as some reaction from Randy Carlyle and Brian Burke’s season ending press conferences. Back Checking comes your later with Listener Contributions and a Troubling Fact of the Week.

Wrapping the program is rigamarole, this week telling you what to expect in the first round of the playoffs. If Ilya Bryzgalov is afraid of bear in forest, he should be glad he isn’t facing the Boston Bruins. This is Episode 7.28 of AFITC.

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