Episode 7.39

A Little Bit Of A Maelstrom

Ahead this week on the program, Season 7 of AFITC comes to an end as we look back at the first week of free agent frenzy (?) in the NHL. The Leafs make some minor moves while the Minnesota Wild went wild luring Zach Parise and Ryan Suter with massive money deals. How does this shift the balance of power? Is spending out of control? What does this mean to the Leafs? We’re all over it in the Redline Report.

Back Checking comes your way next. We turn to you for Listener Contributions through Twitter and Email and welcome the Gong Banger in for another Troubling Fact of the Week.

Wrapping the program is rigamarole, this week looking at the ripple effect that could be seen in Nashville now that Ryan Suter has hit the road. This is Episode 7.39, the Season Finale of AFITC.

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