A Foot In The Crease to Conclude

As announced on Episode 8.2, after eight seasons and what will be 300 shows, we have arrived at the difficult decision to conclude the A Foot In The Crease podcast with one final episode once the Maple Leafs’ season ends. It is not without great consideration and an element of reluctance that we have come to this decision but ultimately, we feel it is the correct and appropriate decision to be made.

To serve our many loyal listeners that we have been lucky and fortunate to have acquired throughout our run to the level that you have all become accustomed – and to the level you all deserve – a time commitment is required that neither Jeff nor I can any longer promise to keep consistently as a result of our expanding time commitments due to career and personal obligations. We do not want to erode the quality of the product that we have tried so hard to establish by continuing at half-effort. So it is for that reason that we have decided to bring an end to the show.

When we developed and began this show back in the summer of 2005, to say that it would span eight years and 300 episodes – the longest running hockey podcast that we have come across – is something I don’t think we would have believed. But it is due to the remarkable and frankly overwhelming response that we have received from listeners throughout the show’s run that kept it going. To all of you who corresponded with us and came to rely on our show, our most sincere thanks for making us a part of your weekly schedule. It exceeded our wildest imagination.

We would like to offer our deepest gratitude to all our listeners for providing the fuel that drove the show forward since 2005.

We have loved each and every moment of everything that this show has meant to us and have been truly honoured to serve you. Looking forward to making it a grand conclusion with one final episode in the spring.

– Dave McCarthy and Jeff Hume